In-company Heartmath® Heart Coherence Training and coaching in Amsterdam and Haarlem

In-company Heartmath® Heart Coherence Training and Coaching

By practising Heart coherence you can influence your autonomic nervous system resulting in a beautiful harmonious heart rate (see image below). This is what we call a coherent heart rate. When you reach coherence, your immune system, nervous system and hormone system all follow the harmonious rhythm of the heart. This results in you feeling like you are ‘in the flow’ as well as many other benefits as clearer thinking, more energy, more tranquillity and increased resilience. When we do the Heart coherence exercises you can see your heart rate on a computer as well as the effect of the exercise as you do it!hartcoherentie amsterdam


There are more signals going from your heart to your brain than from the brain to the heart. When the heart rate is inconsistant, or even chaotic as you see on the screenshot above, the heart communicates chaos to the brain. The Amygdala interprets this as danger and sets the infamous fight & flight response into action. Unaware people are spending a great deal of our day in this stress-mode and evenly unaware are they how this affects their rational thinking, emotions and health!


Practise makes perfect

In-company Heartmath® Heart Coherence Training
The Heart Coherence exercises are great to do prior to a stressful situation. It will help you get through that situation better with more clarity. And, the Heart Coherence exercises are great to get you back to your peaceful self after a stressful event.
But that is not what it is limited to. Because, if practised sufficiently on a daily basis Heart Coherence exercises will raise your coherence level when at rest. This will make the left side of the screenshot look more like to one on the right- at rest!

The full Heartmath® Resilience advantage training program can be taught, or I can also adjust the program to fit your requirements. Of course it is also possible to combine Heart coherence training with Mindfulness. Please contact me for the possibilities.


The results

In-company Heartmath® Heart Coherence Training – Evidence based and widely reaearched:
The workings and benefits of Heart Coherence has been researched by the Heartmath Institute for several decades. To find out more about Heart Coherence you can visit their website: Heartmath Institute
For more research on Heart Coherence:  Research
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